Monday, October 29, 2012

Maddy and her Horse

This is an 8-page comic I drew for the Sydney Comics Guild's 2012 anthology - theme: 'Fantasy'. I've created a separate page for it which can be viewed here. It's based on one of my housemates that I lived with last year. She owned a bunny and also suffers from depression. While founded on real people and circumstances the comic is a fictitious account of a morning in her life and the mental battle she may have gone through.

100 x 100 exhibition.

I did a couple of portraits recently for the FEVA 100 x 100 exhibition. The first is titled '18 months', and is of my nephew Sampson. I did one of him last year too, when he was only 6 months old. How he has changed! The second is of his dad, and is titled '25 frames a second'.


My Guimelpods are now on clothing! I sold some at a market stall a few weeks ago and am planning to have other stalls... in the near future... when I get my act together!