Saturday, November 26, 2011

Money Tree

Over the last year I have been quietly doing the character linework for a short animation. It was a bit crazey time-wise for me to do this in addition to my honours work, but at long last I am very glad to post about Money Tree, an animation by Hawanatu Bangura. The first screening is sometime in December, and then we hope to enter it in various film competitions. Huzzah!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tutoring club boys

Here are the portraits I made of some boys who go to my church's tutoring club:
Cam, Lockie (who are brothers), Bevan and Willis (also brothers).

More animations!

I've FINALLY finished uploading all the animation portraits from my community viewing onto my Vimeo site.
Here are a couple more that I haven't put on my blog yet (Cat and cake, and, On the way to Tim and Asheetha's):

A portrait of Sampson

Recently - as in, the day after my community show, that is, two weeks ago - there was a fundraising art exhibition held by FEVA, called 100 x 100. The idea was for students who were involved with FEVA to submit a small artwork (with the final number being 100 artworks) and each was to be sold for $100. So, I drew a picture of my lovely little nephew Sampson. And here it is.

My second solo show in Surry Hills

After a very intense month, I have finally slowed down enough to realise I really should put some pictures up from my show a couple of weeks ago - Faces from Surry Hills. This was a community viewing of all the animation portraits I have been making went quite well (I think)! It's always very exciting having a solo show (which it was) and interestingly enough it was also held in the same hall where my first one was in 2009.

Joyce and her preferred sketch (the more detailed one on the top)