Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My first solo show!

More than just faces - this exhibition was my first solo show! And quite a significant show too for a number of people, one of them being Davina (above, with her portrait, 'Together we can make a difference'), who was really very touched by the fact I painted her and couldn't stop telling people about it. Other people too were pleased by their portraits. When Jim saw his on a poster he couldn't stop grinning! Will came up to me during the first breakfast when the artworks were up on the walls and said he thought it was great, while Lianne gave me a big thumbs-up (as she can't speak). On the second Saturday Dallas came in to get a photo of himself next to his portrait. It was quite funny as his head in the painting was about three times larger than life-size.

I have explained what the project was about in an earlier post, so here are some photos of the opening night and the following Saturday. Despite there being less people attending than I anticipated, the show was certainly a success - particularly in one of it's aims, that of raising funds for the free breakfast, Bread of Life. 12 out of the 13 paintings were sold, and around $5000 raised through both the sale of artworks and very generous donations by a number of people. I think that should keep baked beans being served for a good while longer!

Will (close-up)

Above, part of my wonderful team of helpers (family and friends) who made the show happen! A number of people very generously donated their time and money to make the exhibition look and run as well as it did and I am very grateful!


For 20 years (right)

John Paul

Mich and Charlotte



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