Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kinds of Blue

It is a curious fact that during my time in France last year I illustrated my first five-page comic. It was written by Karen Bielharz and was called A Friend In Need. It was one of a thirteen-comic anthology on the theme of depression, titled Kinds of Blue. Almost a year after I emailed the final art back to Australia I am excited to say we're on the verge of publishing it. Karen and others have been working very hard sending the anthology to publishers but without success (although there were many affirmations of the high quality of the work). Now, we have turned to self-publishing and today Karen launched a crowd-funding campaign on Pozible. The book is excellent and I encourage you to both read it, support the campaign that will give us the money to print it and buy it! (You can read it for free on the Kinds of Blue website.)

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