Sunday, September 25, 2011

Portrait animations

Theses are interesting things, really. As a Fine Arts student doing honours this year mine only had to be around 5000 words long, and I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing it. I have pretty much finished it too, which is probably just as well since it is due this coming Thursday. As it both explains and contextualises my work as well as following the development of my art practice I found it appropriate to write it in the form of a blog. This is especially convenient for the purpose of allowing the reader to view and experience for themselves some of the animations and video portraits I write about. I warn you, however, that I have changed the dates on the posts in order that the whole blog may be read in the correct order from top to bottom. This has already confused some friends of mine as the conclusion is dated a couple of months earlier than the introduction, so beware! Anyway, you can find it here.

Also, I have finally developed some animated portraits of which their state of completion I feel is high enough to upload and post.

(Three faces of Mariah, 2011)

(Kaye: typing for a living, 2011)

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