Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog! I've been working on a Children's book over the Summer holidays (almost finished) and while there are ample images I could put up from it, as it's getting published I don't feel right about doing that... until I ask my publisher! It's called 'Wonderfully Madison' and the author is Penny Reeve. 

In the meantime though, I've been recently reminded that some nice artworks I did in my second and third year of uni are not to be found on the web - outside of facebook, that is. And so I thought I'd put them up here so people can actually find them online when I refer to them!

In 2009 I did a series of concertina book portraits of my housemates. This one is called 'Ivy's leaving':


And here are some other portraits I did in 2008-2009:

(Maria, oil pastel and water colour on MDF board, 2008)

(Untitled, soldering iron on wood, 2008)

(Self Portrait, soldering iron on wood, 2008)

(Untitled, oil paint stick on wood, 2008)

(Self Portrait, oil on MDF board, 2009)
This work was an experiment in using a palette knife, which I then proceeded to do in the second semester with the More Than Just Faces project.

(Lynne, oil and pencil on plywood, 2009)

(Ray, oil and pencil on plywood, 2009)

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