Saturday, March 30, 2013

Proximity opening night

It was a happily buzzing evening last Tuesday at Kudos Gallery. The artworks looked great and it was always good to bump into old friends and catch up on what they were doing, not to mention talk about the show! 
The artists in the exhibition were: Melanie Beresford, Sarah Bovis, Minét Brits, Zachariah Fenn, Santina Ingui, Matthew James, Clare Maxwell, Lorna Macritchie, Simon McGrath, Aaron Moore, Jonathan Oppel, Simon Swadling, Louise Zhang and myself.

Here are some pictures I took:

Simon McGrath, House of God, 2013 

Jemima Trappel, People they have known, 2013

Simon Swadling, Presence, 2013

Lorna Macritchie, All the thorns are softening because of how much you love me, 2013

Jonathan Oppel's Untitled series, 2013

Santina Ingui, Life in Parts, 2012

My portrait of Keith (2012). I made this work for the Archibald last year and then gave it to the Salvos in Surry Hills in December as Keith comes from that community and I wanted them to have it. They let me borrow it for the show. 

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