Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Illustrative by-products

I went away to India for six weeks over the Summer (Jan/Feb). It was amazing, and dry and dusty with lots of people. It was also a nice break from my normal responsibilities, and I did some drawings... for fun (what a novel idea)!

These two sketches are of a setting my brother was creating for a DnD campaign. I wanted to add the idea of floating islands of junk orbiting the under part of a city built on a bridge. So I got drawing...

Before I left for India at the end of December, and during the first three weeks after I came back, I was also working hard to finish my third children's book - "Same" by Katrina Roe and soon to be published by Wombat Books. This is due to come out in July of this year (2015). Below are some sketches/colour testing in prep for that book as well as some other illustrative by-products from other work. 

And the Sydny Comics Guild is having another anthology this year! Yay! I'm planning my own short 8-page comic to be part of it and am very keen. I have plans to turn it into a cute concertina book. Some character designs: